The SUP Team Challenges are 2 day fun events for teams of 4 paddlers, featuring a wide variety of different types of paddleboard challenge, all using the same board (provided by the organisers). A weekend filled with a variety of entertaining (and sometimes downright silly) things to do on stand up paddleboards, with the focus very much on fun and participation. The events will be held at venues where everyone can stay locally, ideally at lakeside campsites, allowing also for a fun social event for the Saturday evening.

The Teams

There will be four different categories of team:

Each team must consist of four members:

In order to make the SUP Team Challenges as inclusive as possible, teams with youth/junior or senior/veteran members will automatically gain a points 'head start'. This will be calculated as follows:

Team members under 13 or over 62 gain 150 points head start

Team members under 17 or over 50 gain 100 points head start.

Some examples:

Etc etc. (These 'head start' scores will be reviewed after each event and adjusted if necessary).

Participants need only be of sufficient ability to paddle around a simple flat water course. Previous racing experience is not required.

The Challenges

There will be 10 challenges over the weekend, each contributing approximately equal points to the overall team score (usually a maximum of 100 points per challenge.)

Some of the challenges may be races, others may involve problem solving, treasure hunting or other kinds of activity. But each will involve the use of the paddleboard issued to the team. Some of the challenges may involve just one person paddling, and the rest of the team supporting or playing other roles in that particular challenge, other challenges may involve more than one person on the board. Every member of the team will be paddling in at least four of the challenges, and will be directly involved in most of the others. (None of the challenges will be too strenuous).

Challenges may involve other items!
While every single challenge will utilise the paddleboard, the challenges themselves may involve a multitude of other possible items, and stretch the limits of your ingenuity, problem solving skills, and ability to think laterally. But they're definitely all going to be excellent fun!

The exact challenges will NOT be revealed until the start of the event, but we can promise that none are unduly taxing, nor require elite athleticism or anything out of the ordinary.

The Boards

All boards will be supplied!!! (Other than for the full-on open class SUP race at the end, if there are enough people wanting this). The world's best selling inflatable board brand Red Paddle Co, along with their NZ distributor Paddleboarding NZ is very kindly sponsoring these events with a fleet of Voyager 13'2s, the perfect board for this challenge. Fast, yet stable and easy to paddle, and with enough volume to float several riders, it's a super versatile platform that you're just going to love riding.

red paddle co

They will be provided by the organisers, as part of the package, and everyone will be on the same board, so it will be a ‘one design’ competition. The boards will be in the 12’6 x 14’ size, 30” wide so stable enough for everyone to use even if they are not experienced on raceboards.

Extra All-Out Race

If enough people want to have a full-on race, using their own race boards, after the Team Challenge event has been completed, then we will be happy to make this happen. Probably a 4km distance; long enough to be a decent race but not overly exhausting. If you are keen for this and happy to bring your own board please indicate on the entry form. The results from this race will have separate prizes, and not count as part of the scoring for the team challenge.

We'll award finishing places and prizes according to what boards people turn up with - possible classes could be 14'0, 12'6 or surfboard, junior, youth, open, masters, veterans, male and female. Usual rules; at least 3 people in a class to make it count.

The fee for this race will be $10 per person, collectable on the day, to cover the prizes.

The Prizes

Team performance awards

Individual Awards