Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

Clothing: During challenges you will be wearing a light racing bib over the top of whatever else you want to wear on your torso. Depending on the weather (which could be hot), a rash top or teeshirt to keep off the sun should be fine, and a pair of shorts is ideal. We strongly recommend that you have some sort of upper body covering as protection against sun.

Feet: Footwear is probably not a bad idea as it gives protection when launching/landing, and if the surface surrounding the water gets hot.

Wetsuits? Really not necessary - you'll overheat, and they soon start to chafe.

Sun protection: A sunhat and sunglasses will be vital. We strongly recommend applying sun cream to all exposed areas of skin before the lesson.

Prescription glasses? If you need to wear glasses please ensure you have a SpecSaver or something similar to secure them.

Change of clothes and a towel: While none of the challenges will specifically require swimming, there is always a risk of getting wet when engaging in water sports!

Buoyancy Aids: If you have a PFD that you are comfortable wearing then please feel free to bring it along - particularly if you prefer to have the reassurance of permanent extra buoyancy should you fall in.

Your sense of humour: Vital. There's going to be a whole lot of fun happening!

Is it compulsory to have a youth/master and/or a senior/junior in our team?

No, your team can be any four people, any age. However, you will get bonus 'head start' points for each team member who is outside of the 17-50 age category, so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce someone new to your sport! Maybe a youngster in your family, or someone you know at work or socially, who you can sign up - remember, team members 3 & 4 will not be required to do such significant paddling. They don't need to be an experienced paddler; they are not going to have to race great distances or anything like that. But they will still play a vital part in the non-racing challenges.

But, to reiterate, your 4 team members can be any age. There is no requirement to have a junior, youth, master or senior member.

My son is only 10. Is he too young to enter?

Not at all. He'll be fine. Indeed, while his size (assuming he's normal size for a 10 year old!) may count against him just a bit in some challenges, in others it will be an absolute asset! And of course, his entry will give your team a 150pt head start!

So there's absolutely no minimum age limit?

It's not really so much about age as attitude. If the youngster can cheerfully paddle a kilometre or more and is up for fun and challenges and won't feel too intimidated by bigger people, then they could certainly be in a team.

However, for those smaller people who haven't done much paddling and/or for whom the main event might just be a bit too intimidating , we'll include a fun race on the Sunday morning if there's enough interest.

We really aren't very experienced at paddling.

Don't worry, it won't matter. This event absolutely isn't just about winning.

I've never raced before.

This event is absolutely not just about racing! Competition experience will not be important.

What will the boards be like?

Big stable platforms that everyone will be able to use.

What's all this about fancy dress?

Yep! There will be points on offer for fancy dress. Each team member should bring an outfit - it can be absolutely anything you like, as long as you can paddle in it.

Will any of the challenges pose signficant physical challenge?

No. Obviously there is always the option to paddle harder. But none of the challenges will require any great degree of physical strength, endurance or fitness to complete.

Are we allowed to sit a challenge out?

Of course! This isn't some sort of boot camp where you'll be punished for failing to complete a task. Obviously you won't score any points for that challenge if you don't complete it, but that will be the only cost.

It sounds like it's all going to be about fun. But the rules say no foul play. What is the dividing line between a bit of fun and argy bargy if two boards are trying to get around a mark at the same time, and foul play?

It really comes down to whether it's reciprocal. If two riders are having a good old jostle and tussle for position, and each are enjoying it and giving as good as they get, then it's fine. But if someone is going hard on someone else in a bullying fashion and the recipient is clearly not enjoying it, calls for it to stop, and it doesn't - then it's foul play.

I'd love to enter but I don't have a team!

OK, well click here! and let us know your details, and if we get a few more people of similar mind, we'll put you together into a 'scratch team'!

Only 15 teams... OK, but look, I do actually enjoy proper SUP racing, is there any chance we can have a proper race, maybe even bring our own boards?
Will there be a maximum number of teams?

Yes. For the first few events, there will be a maximum of 15 teams. So you'd better hurry and get your entry in early!

Only 15 teams... OK, but look, I do actually enjoy proper SUP racing, is there any chance we can have a proper race, maybe even bring our own boards?

Yes, absolutely. If enough people want to have a full-on race, using their own race boards, after the Team Challenge event has been completed, then we will be happy to make this happen. Probably a 4km distance; long enough to be a decent race but not overly exhausting. If you are keen for this and happy to bring your own board please indicate on the entry form.

The results from this race will have separate prizes, and not count as part of the scoring for the team challenge. We'll award finishing places and prizes according to what boards people turn up with - possible classes could be 14'0, 12'6 or surfboard, junior, youth, open, masters, veterans, male and female. Usual rules; at least 3 people in a class to make it count.

The fee for this race will be $10 per person, collectable on the day, to cover the prizes.

Can we have a SUP Team Challenge somewhere near us?

We would be delighted to bring a SUP Team Challenge to your area!!! If you think there is sufficient interest in your part of the world to get at least a dozen teams together, then contact us now and let's get an event onto the calendar! We will bring the whole show to you - all we need is a few enthusiastic people in the locality (ie yourself!) to talk to. Click here to get in touch!